Hannah Fischer is the designer and dreamer behind Ritual. She is a wife, mother, and creative visionary in her daily life. From working in printmaking and fiber art, she has always had an intuitive focus on texture and shape since she began making art as a child. Jewelry design has become another expression of the tactile processes that Hannah has always gravitated towards. She carves, folds, scrapes, and melts each piece originally in wax, which is then cast into the everyday adornments found in Ritual.

Her work is founded in a spiritual practice, and very much rooted in forming daily creative and sacred habits. The name Ritual stems directly from this desire to seek the discipline of personal rituals in every day. For Hannah, this is within the chaos of motherhood and entrepreneurship. As a mother, she must actively carve out time for herself, time to design, time to play, and time for solace; because of that, each aspect of this collection is formed with the utmost intention. Your support as a customer is received with tremendous gratitude, allowing Hannah's creative visions to be a reality for her and her family. 

Hannah is also the co-founder and collaborator with her husband, for Fischer Co. You can find their work at www.fschco.com

To get in touch personally, email hello@shop-ritual.com